Buckshot Buckshot Jones
Car: No. 00      Pontiac
Sponsor: Cheez-it; Crown Fiber

It's ALWAYS the Year of Double Zero!! 00 00 00

     If anyone (with the possible exception of Lake Speed) had a name that says "NASCAR Racer", then Buckshot Jones has got it! Unfortunately for Buckshot, however, that usually is as far as it goes. He began the 1999 Winston Cup season with high hopes and plans to be "a stong contender" for Rookie of the Year honours. But the stats tell otherwise: 10 starts in 1999 out of 34 possible races with NO wins and NO top 10 finishes, and a measly $320,725 in winnings. In 2000 Buckshot started only 1 Winston Cup race, The NAPA 500 on Nov 20th from the Atlanta Motor Speedway In that final race of 2000, Buckshot started from the 29th position and finished 37th and brought home a stunning $35, 275.

     For most of 2000, Buckshot dropped down to Busch Series. My buddy Steve Zwicke is a big fan of Busch Racing, but compared to Winston Cup, it's sorta like kissing your sister. So how did ol' Buckshot do in Busch in 2000?? Heh heh.....do ye have to ask???

     Actually, Buckshot didnt do THAT badly. His best Busch finish was 2nd in the Touchstone Energy 300. He finished 21st in the standings with $478,420 in total winnings. But his average start was 27th and average finish was 24th, and I do believe THAT says it all.

     So how will our favorite Lost Soul of NASCAR do in 2001?? Do you even have to ask??