Gentlemen, Start your engines!!. This page is dedicated to the Lost Souls of NASCAR. Those bold brave gentlemen whose dreams begin large, only to come crashing down around them with perennial 32nd or 43rd Place finishes. There were 34 Races on the Winston Cup schedule in 1999 & 2000, and some of these lads only qualified for 10, or less. So it is this pantheon of Lost Souls, Lost Duelists we come to celebrate. And after all, we've all been wondering just what Miki was timing during all those Student Council meetings. What he's been timing is the short and/or unspectacular careers and races of these Lost Souls Of NASCAR. And for these lads, a stopwatch is MORE than appropriate and MORE than enough time.

Table Of Contents

     Buckshot Jones

     Rick Mast

     Hut Stricklin

     Derrike Cope

Dios Return

"Smash the hegemony of the Imperialist scoundrels!"