M a g i c   K n i g h t   R a y e a r t h:   T h e   A p o c r y p h a l   Q u o t e s

The Apocrypha (n.)

Writing, anecdotes, etc. of
dubious authenticity or authorship.

















The Cephiro Concordance

The world and characters of Magic Knight Rayearth presented with excruciating completeness and authenticity. These sites are the best for concise and factual information.

The Place Where Your Will Determines Everything

Primera's Room

Rayearth & Seresu's Anime Dimension

The Voice Of Reason

Golden Dream

The Three Queens Of Cephiro

This page had it's legendary origins in the Magic Knight Rayearth Message boards on America Online during the late summer of 1995. It's original intent was to tease my dear friend Anne Gibson who like me, and a woman who went by the AOL screename Aichanp ((the three of us were known as The Three Queens of Cephiro, which in and of itself is quite funny and apocryphal)), was very active in posting on the boards, and who also did some the first character info translations. Anne was a major influence on my appreciation and love of Rayearth. She began sending me her fansubbed Rayearth videos of the the first season. These fansubs were the dreadful ones from Arctic Animation. Those fansubs with their dreadful translations were the real inspiration for the Apocryphal quotes.well.....I......got this GOOFY idea..... for a quote from Fuu-chan..... It popped into my head, and...well....I posted it on AOL. I had also just helped Anne out with a translation of a panel in Bonus Stage 2, and....I immediately came up with Umi's quote. Anne quickly forgave my foolishness, I hope.... So I began creating others.

As you can now see, the idea has gotten WAY out of hand.....

As I write this now, 7 years have passed since this site was first created. The magic of those days lingers now like hauntingly ancient little ghosts. It would be nice get the Three Queens of Cephiro back for one last AOL-type fling...but...sadly THAT little community has vanished into the richly illuminated corridors of memory. It's seems odd to think of 1995 and 96 as olden days, but that's more than sad truth.

Those were the true golden years of Anime in America. The stars shone brighter for a little while and there was honey on the Moon. Those golden years still glimmer, but it the partina is well worn and a bit tarnished by the ages, sort of like a country song by Carl Smith.
If Teardrops Were Pennies.    It's A Lovely Lovely World.     Kisses Don't Lie.
I remember how ANGRY Anne got at me when I first thought that Ferio was a girl!! Heh heh.....I'd only seen the manga in Nakayoshi at that point and I saw no good reason to think otherwise. What a CHUMPLIN I was, ne?

Ha Ha Eagle Vision!! Let's see you do THIS with your NSX!!

Hey Chumplin!!

I want to race a Geo Metro in Winston Cup next year!Welcome to the Magic Knight Rayearth Apocryphal Quotes page. This is racecar driver Joe Nemechek's favorite webpage!! If you are willing to believe that for one minute, you will soon discover that this is a thouroughly contrived fan-fiction. I assume that all who read this page have a familiarity with Magic Knight Rayearth. If y'all aren't familiar with the story and the characters, there will be a list of links you can can visit for further illumination.

At the risk of sounding like a fascist, it is recommended that you bookmark this page so you can return to it if you get lost, bewildered, bemused or bedazzled following all of the links.

I could win the NASCAR Winston Cup Championship if Zazu Torque were MY Crew Chief!!To fully appreciate this page the way Front Row Joe does, please follow all links on each page. If you find a broken link, or have any comments or suggestions, please send me a note.

I have just redesigned this front page, but I've left the quotes pages in their original state. Sometimes, old ways are best. Perhaps, I should have left the old front page design in place as well. But sometimes you gotta ducttape the sucker up just to get it wound the track. Hey...it's not like I'm putting a new pair of trousers on any old dog.

Worlds Of MY Will

Blog Me, Jake!

Girls! Girls! Girls!

The Sporting Life

The Literary Life

The Hillbilly Life

For The Revolution Of The World

Whose Shake Is This!!?

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