Girls In Jars!!!

Yes, unbelievable as it may seem to one who is reasonable, there actually ARE pictures of Girls In Jars.
Of course, there are LOTS of fetishes out there..... There are whole websites devoted to them. And most of them are for prurient interests. Cut-off Jeans Fetishes. Girls With Droopy Eyes ((Tareme)). And ofcourse, Naughty Tenticles. All understandable I suppose. but as for GIRLS IN JARS, I dont know WHY. In fact, I dont think I even WANT to know why. But there you have it. GIRLS IN JARS!!!
And of course, because they actually EXIST, I must have every single one.
So far, all I have are these two. But I KNOW there are more out there. So, if you encounter any others on your cybernetic wanderings, please let me know. Send them to

Series:Urusei Yatsura
Source:Some hentai site whose URL I can't recall. <8-P

Series:Cardcaptor Sakura
Source:My girlfriend, Emily Harrison sent me this!! YAY!!! 8-D